Moving the Couch Back

With Matt being about 6'4", we decided the couch needed to be moved back a bit to make it deeper and more comfortable. We also decided that the "shelves" behind the couch were useless and were constructed by staples (not the staple gun kind, but the paper staple kind) and coins. Needless to say, they came out easily.

Matt cut 5" out of the back of the couch which doesn't seem like much, but makes a huge difference on the amount of room you have when you are sitting on it.

It's hard to see the difference, but you can see the pink paint on the sides is how far we pushed back into the shelf.

The couch also pulls out about 6" to make it a quarter berth.

And here it is now. Quite a difference from where we started! This is with the couch pulled out the extra 6", there's still a lot more room even pushed in though.


  1. excellent idea to improve an otherwise bad design.

    1. Yes exactly, I don't know why they design so many couches with a straight back and shallow seat! Not very relaxing...