Repairing the Sink

Believe it or not, this is not a crime scene photo, but is in fact our new head. Nice, huh! Shockingly, we decided to redo the whole thing. The thought of being naked and trying to get clean in this space was a bit terrifying.  

 Check out that amazing caulking job around the faucet base!

There were many cracks in the counter top and a lot of water sitting underneath. We decided to remedy the problem using a hammer. We busted off all the loose counter top and scraped off all the old caulk.

Hillary added layers of fairing to smooth the whole thing back out.

A few layers of gel coat should do the trick.

And back to looking brand new!


  1. i feel your pain on the head situation. could you list your supplies for this project? I think this will be mine to tackle lol

  2. Yes it was a pain, but was very much worth it! I chipped out the loose, cracked bits of the sink first. Then I used West System 410 Microlight Filler to fill and fair the area. I sanded it out smooth and repeated until it was smooth and even. Then I put white gel coat over the whole sink. I didn't really like the finish of the gel coat (not shiny enough) so I topped it with a coat of white Danboline (bilge paint) and it dried very shiny and hard which is exactly what I was going for. It is a breeze to wipe clean and looks almost like new! Good luck!

  3. How do you shower now?