Ile Fourchue to St. Kitts and Nevis

After a few days in Ile Fourchue, we sailed to St. Kitts. We had great sailing weather, 16-18 knots with 3-4 foot seas. I was much less sea sick this time! The boat sails a little better than we do so far. A little too good for my rookie self, she loves to heel over, bury the rail, and take off! We averaged 6.1 knots for the first 5 hours and then slowed down to 5 as we sailed closer to the wind to make for Basseterre. We cleared in and made our way to Whitehouse Bay where we were one of three boats.

We sailed right past St. Eustatius (Statia) and waved! This is the island Matt and I met on and have many friends on still. We wanted to stop, but had lots of sea to cover so sailed on...

We arrived in Whitehouse Bay anchorage and had a swim/dryed off everything that got wet. Then made our way to shore to what looked like a "cruiser's bar". Nope. It was Salt Plage which is a super trendy and hip restaurant. A very cool place with great decor and atmosphere, but let's just say that we were the only cruisers there and definitely the only ones in dirty, wrinkled clothes with no shoes on. Oh, and the the drinks were $14 EACH. Had one anyways and sat in a cool reclining seat admiring our boat. Then went back and had our free beers onboard.

View of Varuna from Salt Plage. 

Varuna in Whitehouse Bay, St. Kitts.

Headed to Shipwreck Beach Bar (much more our style). Great prices, great people, and MONKEYS! Matt was ready to stay there forever. It was a very cool place and we wish we could of stayed longer. Definitely a must see.

Monkeys in hammocks. Need I say more?

Then we made our way over to Nevis. A nice sail, uneventful. We found Nevis to be pretty boring. Everything was closed and not many people around. It is off season after all I suppose. We did venture out to see the "Famous" beach bar Sunshine. Had a delicious cheeseburger and the Killer Bee rum punch. Cheeseburger was awesome. The Killer Bee was so so (but nothing to run upstairs and yell down about), but next door at (I forgot already, musta been the rum punch to blame) had amazing ones. It was the next day, so no, it wasn't b/c I already had 3 of them.

Sunshine Bar and Restaurant Nevis

The Famous Killer Bee Rum Punch

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  1. this looks like a fun trip and i want to go on something like this as well. by the way i love reading about your visits so keep posting more like it