Big News: Varuna is SOLD


We've got big news people - we are listing our beloved Varuna FOR SALE. I know, I know, how could we possibly sell her after ALL the work we've done! Well, here's the story:

We bought Varuna as a project to see what we could do with such a diamond in the rough. The 2 year refit was so much fun, full of good memories and lots of learning! After finishing her (and making some more money) we finally got the chance to live onboard and sail through the Caribbean islands. All of it was amazing and created memories that will last forever. That brings us up to date and now we have to go back to work. We run a charter catamaran in the BVI's  for 9 months of the year. During our next 3 months off, we are traveling to see friends and family and won't have time to enjoy poor Varuna. The thought of leaving Varuna on the hard in Grenada is so sad. She is in her prime and such a beauty RIGHT NOW! Everything is brand new or restored. So this is how we came up with the idea to see if anyone out there wants to buy her right now and enjoy her at her best. We can easily keep her on the hard in Grenada and come back to her in a few years, but if there's anyone out there that wants to buy her and enjoy her we thought we should share this and see. She's a boat to be enjoyed, appreciated, and loved and we are happier selling her for that reason than keeping her on the hard for us in the future. Our journey with Varuna was getting her ready for the sea again. Now that's done and and it's time for your journey to begin...

Asking $30,000 obo

Here are the specs:

1968 Allied Luders 33, hull #38, designed by Bill Luders for Allied Boat Company
Length: 33'
Beam: 10'
Draft: 5'
Displacement: 12,800lbs

Chain: 200' of 3/8"
Anchor: 45lb Delta and a Fortress G16
Rode: 150' of 5/16"
Engine: Beta Marine 28hp with 76 hours, 100A alternator for fast charging
Tender: New Carib LT8 8' RIB with a rebuilt 9.8 Tohatsu outboard

-New rigging, 7mm stainless steel
-New sheets and halyards
-New Ullman Sails mainsail with 4 battons and 2 reefs
-2 Used headsails
-New Garmin Echo depth sounder/fish finder
-New AdvanSea S400 wind instrument
-New solar set up: 255W Kyocera panel (produces up to 18A) and 45A Morning Star MPPT charge    controller
-Used AirX400 wind charger with New Morning Star 45A charge controller (separate from solar)
-420 Ah battery bank (2 x Exide Gel) with separate start battery
-New VHF and 1 handheld VHF
-New marine wiring throughout entire boat
-4 12V outlets for easy charging and less power draw
-1 AC GFI outlet with 800W inverter
-4 new Caframo fans
-LED waterproof strip lights in warm white along ceiling, under cabinets, and inside cabinets all with their own switch to control lighting
-40 gal flexi water tank in keel
-no heat or a/c
-New 8" memory foam mattress
-No oven, but new drop-in stainless steel 2 burner cooktop with an Omnia Oven (cooktop baking)
-Large top-loading fridge with cold plate and Danfoss compressor (draws 3A)
-New dodger with isinglass and Charcoal Sunbrella
-New sail bag in Charcoal Sunbrella
-New privacy/weather panels in cockpit in Charcoal Sunbrella
-Fully loaded with melamine dishes, tupperware, pots and pans, beach umbrella, solar shower, etc.
-Varuna was featured in Sailing Magazine and on Tiny House Blog

Varuna is currently located at Hog Island, Grenada, Caribbean. Here are some of our favorite photos of her. Also, look back through our blog to see the entire refit documented and the amazing Before and Afters:


  1. Ahhhhh I'm shocked! We would love to buy it but unfortunately it's not in our plan for about another 2 years! Good luck

  2. Beautiful boat!!! I love all the bright, cheery colors of the interior! :)

  3. There's a lot off love build into this ship. I wish that u find new owners who will know how to appriciate her. I wish i would have the time and the money.Good luck!

  4. What a fabulous boat! You guys have done a superb job of restoring her while keeping her classic charm and beauty. If we were in the market I'd already be on the phone to you now. I'l sure it won't take long to find her a new home.

    - Katie and Mark

  5. Love & Love. What an amazing feat!

  6. Hey, I reached out to you all maybe a year ago. We bought a boat like you all and used a number of suggestions that you came up with in your blog. We are not done yet but have made a lot of progress. For example, cutting the mattress with the electric bread knife. Genius! Our site isn't as polished as yours, but if you want to look at how you inspired us take a peak.

  7. Hi there, is the boat still for sale?

  8. Love love love your boat interior!

  9. Hello hello.. Hows Matt and Hillary doing these days.. What great passion you guys have.. Varuna is a total beauty.. I am a kiwi boy living in Alaska looking for the next sailing adventure.. I would love the opportunity to buy your floating time piece.. Do you still have her? All the best.. Love to hear from you.. Cheers.. Fletcher.

    1. Hello and thank you! Unfortunately though, she just sold! Hope you find yourself another great sailboat and get down here to warm up for a bit. Good luck!

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  12. Hi! SHE IS GORGEOUS. I am embarking on a sailboat restoration project and I was wondering what type of paint you used on the interior of your boat.

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