St. Vincent

It's a long sail from St. Lucia to St. Vincent especially with the high winds and heavy seas that have become the usual for us. All in all, we were making great time and hadn't planned on stopping in Wallilabou Bay, but Matt had a friend anchored there so we were excited to meet up with him. Wallilabou Bay ended up being beautiful so we were glad we stopped. Two of the boat boys were very helpful and friendly. I happily bought a few really cool bracelets from them and tipped them for helping with the stern anchor (not that we need help, but they don't really give you a choice). Later, we had another boat guy, called Garfield, come paddling up to us on his broken SUP demanding we buy a bag of rock hard guavas for 50 EC. He was very rude and it took a long time to get him to go away and leave us alone. Luckily, there were other boats around for him to bug. He was mad that we didn't want to buy any fruit (remember how much fruit we just bought in St. Lucia?! We did not need anymore!). He freaked me out a bit, but didn't bother us again after that. It is very frustrating because the bay is so pretty, but we didn't feel that at ease with him around! We didn't let it hold us back and went ahead to shore to explore and hike to the nearby waterfall. It was well worth it because we got some great photos!

We anchored South of the pilings that the boat boys usually tie everyone up on. We dropped the anchor in about 20 feet and the boat sat in 8 feet. Once we got the stern anchor set near the beach it kept the bow into the swell and it was very comfortable. 

The water was very clear and great for swimming!

Wallilabou Bay was the main location for the filming of The Pirates of the Caribbean movie in 2003. Many of the props and sets are still there and kinda being preserved. It's looking a bit run down, but still very cool to see. All the boat boys in the area talk about how nice Johnny and Keira were and will tell you about how they were extras in the movie.

We walked along the road to a nearby waterfall that was more of a swimming hole than anything else. You had to pay to get in and swim so we just had a quick peek and then headed back to the boat for a free swim. The countryside is so dense with vegetation and is really beautiful. St. Vincent is definitely one of the prettiest islands, unfortunately, the people are the sketchiest. 


  1. This water is very clear and clean no doubt and best for the swimming too. I will love to visit this place once in my life.

  2. Wow.... It is my dream place. It looks so beautiful. I wish i could be there because i never been there. It's just breathtaking view.

  3. All things considered, it's a pleasant one, I have been searching for. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing such enlightening stuff.