Dominica is a lush, beautiful island full of adventure and exploring if you are up to it. Since we were still with our friends from Enigma, we all decided to book a river and land tour so that we could make a whole day of it. It was a rainy day, but it was still fun and nice to get off the boat and stretch our legs! We met at 7 am to go up the Indian River with our guide. No outboards are allowed so it's a very quiet and relaxing trip with dense foliage that looks straight out of a movie.

Actually it is straight out of a movie, The Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest. This is the witch doctor's shack and it's still there and so cool (freaky, but cool)!

The whole group of us!

Now onto the land tour to discover the Red Rocks, waterfalls, and loads of fresh fruit stalls along the way. Dominica is huge by the way. It took us ages to drive around the entire island, but was really nice to get a feel for the island and see all the villages. It's been a while since we've been somewhere that you can drive in a car for so long haha!

The incredible Red Rocks. A few rastamen maintain the land and have dug foot holes (see above) to climb around and access different areas. Below is a hand dug meditation cave. 

Quite a few tight spaces to wiggle through!

This was our second hike of the day and lead us to our second waterfall. The first was straight down a very wet and muddy hill and since I was literally doing the crab walk down I didn't have a free hand for a camera.

Only the boys braved the cold water on this one! It was freezing! We all jumped in at the first one I promise. It was so great being in fresh water! We all realized it'd been ages since we've been completely submerged in fresh water. So refreshing!

The fruits of our laborious tour day. Fresh starfruit, papaya, fig bananas, passion fruit, local limes, and mango!

Look at these teeny tiny bananas! Oh my goodness! They are called fig bananas and are the most delicious banana you'll ever eat.

The best find of the day were these tiny local limes that were the limiest limes ever! They were orangish inside and so so fragrant. They made perfect additions to our rum and coke sundowners. Don't you just love my whale Tervis Tumbler ?!


  1. The pictures are really amazing, It seems that you really enjoyed the trip and thanks for sharing these pictures with us. Amazing post.

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