Guadeloupe to Les Saintes

We left Montserrat around 5:30am headed for Deshaies, Guadeloupe. We made great time and weather was good so we went on further South to Anse a la Barque, but it was chocker block so we turned around and went back to the bay just North of that...we forgot the name now and are ashore so will update this later. Anyways, it was a small bay, not too rolly (but still rolly) so we were up at 5 am to get ready to leave again. At least we got a few hours of sleep in. Looked like a beautiful bay when we were leaving, loads of Flamboyant trees in bloom!

The bay we slept in...forgot the name already. 

The morning leaving Guadeloupe and setting sail for Les Saintes. It was dead calm and beautiful out! First time experiencing what I thought would be "sailing". 

Looked like a lake out there! Now that's what I'm talking about! Sure no wind for sailing, but imagine how many books you could read or the sleep you could catch up on! 

We knew our friends on another Lagoon 620, Enigma, would be in the area, but hadn't heard from them in a few days. We were very excited to see a cat way in the distance that just happened to be them! They happily snapped a few "action" shots of us underway. Of course there was only like 5 knots of wind. We put up full sails anyways and tried to look like we were sailing even if we were fighting to keep the sails full. 

Look at us!

Guadeloupe was maybe the prettiest island we've gone past yet. It was so green and fully of bright trees in bloom!

So lesson learned, if your trip begins with beautifully calm weather, prepare to be battered by high winds and heavy seas. We were motor sailing down the coast of Guadeloupe at 6.5 knots and then hit the Easterly trades off the coast and had 25 knots of wind on the nose and 4-6 foot seas. We had 2 reefs in the main and were slogging along at 2.3 knots. There went our "quick sail" over to the Les Saintes. We could see our friends in the big cat fading quickly in front of us as they motored through the seas just fine. 

We made it over to the Les Saintes after what felt like forever, but were very pleasantly surprised by how cute and quaint it was. We were ready to explore on shore and catch up with our friends!

A very clean and pretty island. Lots of pictures taken! An island that our parents would like we kept saying: clean, friendly, very french, good food, cool museum, and great coffee. Oh, and great pastries.  We don't speak a lick of French, but got by on "Bonjour!" and "Oui Oui" just fine!

We rented a scooter (one b/c I'm not allowed to rent my own after whiskey throttling straight into a bush in Indonesia...rightfully so I suppose). We went down every street and took a lot of pictures. It was a blast to be on land and explore!

Check out this funny little gym! Ha! Cool idea, I wonder if anyone every actually uses it? I did! Tried everyone of them in fact and decided that I must not need to workout b/c they all seemed super easy. Matt decided that maybe they weren't really working right...suppose that could be as well. 

Matt's favorite pic so far. This machine was so fun! Did absolutely nothing for you (besides making you look pretty stupid*) but fun nonetheless! *Helmet may add to stupid part

Lunch at a cute little cafe that had a VERY hungry entourage of pets. 

We couldn't understand why the couple next to us was shooing away the adorable kitten and all the cute chickens running around. I couldn't believe how rude they were. Then we got our food and both the kitten and the chickens were literally ON THE TABLE stealing our food! Pretty funny actually! Guess that couple had good reason to be so adamant with the animals haha. We shared anyways and probably made matters worse, but just look at how cute that kitten is! I really wanted to keep that lil' guy. 

My favorite pictures so far. We were zipping around the scooter and I told Matt to STOP so I could jump off and take the 2 photos above. The one of the door is for my mom's living room. She was looking for something new and I knew this would be it! That was about it. The anchorage became quite rolly after the first night so we decided to move on after 2 nights. The hunt for the unrolly anchorage continues. 

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