DIY Boat Projects

Before & Afters

Painting the Hull

Repairing the Sink

Removing the Settee

Expanding the Couch

Painting the Stripes

Painting the Interior

Lights and Fans

Restoring Port Lights

Extra Storage Ideas

Installing Bilge Pumps

Removing Water Tank

Cleaning the Bilge

Flexible Water Tank

Insulation for Fridge

V-Berth Mattress

Easy Cushion Covers

V-Berth Mattress Cover

Opening Port Lights

Rebedding Port Lights

Topside Paint

Sewing V-Berth Sheets


  1. Love that you posted all your boat projects! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Question: did you have qualms in painting over teak on the interior of your boat? I like the teak but it's very dated and causes the living space of our 1984 motor yacht to be dark/cave-like. What are your thoughts? Thanks Megan

    1. I own Puff - L33 #56. The dark bulkheads were formica 'picturewood', not teak. I painted them white, & varnished the (real) teak trim. Cabin much brighter.

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